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The Winged Victory of Samothrace in Flames La Victoire de Samothrace en flames
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“Voices in a Democracy: 11/13 Paris” was born out of a conversation about how to represent freedom, courage, and resilience in a context where others hijack the narrative and use it to spread paranoia, fear, and hate. I was deeply affected by the way people in Paris made such vigorous attempts to reclaim joy and meaning in life in spite of their sadness and shock.

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People socialized, gathered, hugged, went to cafes, bars, restaurants, and concerts although they were scared. By taking those actions they showed that they were trying to find "joie de vivre" in daily life. I hope this project will offer a space to celebrate the voices of ordinary individuals who refuse to surrender to terror, anger, dread, and the threat of increased militarization.

Image 6
The Meet Up La Rencontre
Catherine Crèche
Catherine Crèche

The sense of connectedness among Parisians was truly inspiring; their actions challenge the simplistic media messages and transcend the events of 11/13 Paris.

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Love, Locks at Pont des Arts Amour, cadenas au Pont des Arts
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Life Goes On La Vie continue
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Square with trees
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Motoring Memorial
Motoring Memorial
I Love you and daisies
Photos of people who died
Candle lighter
Mourners in the Mist
Mourners in the Mist